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  • S0ftie Babie
    S0ftie Babie

    I really loved Over The Garden Fence, it was so so good and I'm sad they didnt make more episodes but I guess I kinda understand- still though. It was so good!

  • Peggy Schuyler
    Peggy Schuyler

    the Lego Ninjago Movie got so much hate when it came out because it "wasn't canon to the show" and the seasons that came after it got some hate for being "like the movie" and now we just kinda ignore that because dang it, the movie and the show are amazing and it's my favorite franchise and my happy place.

  • Peggy Schuyler
    Peggy Schuyler

    my dad likes the dancing in Mr. Right.

  • n o i c e
    n o i c e

    'But I'm a Cheerleader' is literally my favorite movie. Maybe I'm biased because I'm a lesbian, but I love that movie so much.

  • triniti Love
    triniti Love

    True directions is hella weird


    i can put into words how underrated Mr. Right is, it was a romantic comadie type that i loved so much

  • Charlotte N
    Charlotte N

    Best part of but I'm a cheerleader is dante bosco saying "I am a homosexual" because if you close your eyes, you can imagine zuko saying it, and honestly bi/gay zuko is the best

  • Javkhlan Sainbileg
    Javkhlan Sainbileg

    I love something that most people hate its uh ......... cmere lemme whisper it into your ear ..m its DragonBall GT

  • smiley_face

    But I’m a cheerleader is my new favorite movie oh my god it made me cry

  • Adrienne Robinson
    Adrienne Robinson

    Omg I LOVE mr.right!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • pinky 05
    pinky 05

    My favorite movies that most people don't like are Shark Tale, and Godzilla's Revenge

  • sunset__foxy TwT
    sunset__foxy TwT

    i loved and still love 'but im a cheerleader'

  • Beanut Butter
    Beanut Butter

    i love 'but i'm a cheerleader' i'm so glad someone else is talking about how underrated it is!

  • Katherine Emery
    Katherine Emery

    Wait the main characters from But I’m a Cheerleader are a lot like Clarissa La Rue and Silena Beauregard from the Percy Jackson series aren’t they 😮

  • Loyal Theorist Girl 101
    Loyal Theorist Girl 101

    Haley: *Mr. Right* Me: ikaw na ba love of my life?

  • Tirahvi

    Some people in Tumblr accused LD for whitewashing the first character. Because it is slightly lighter skintone. Stubid I know 🤦‍♀️

  • Glitter_ Bees
    Glitter_ Bees

    Just watched But I’m a Cheerleader and I loved it! And if anyone for some reason needs another selling point for it, prince zuko is in it!

  • Torcha

    Honestly, highlight of every video is just her laughing at the silly patreon names

  • Autdumb

    I loved Mr. Right I watched it before and I thought it was amazing and loved the humor😳🤗

  • A.Y.N.R UP and DOWN
    A.Y.N.R UP and DOWN

    The anime trickster is really good!

  • Maya Müller
    Maya Müller

    To this day whenever my brother or I have a bad day, we give the other person a Toblerone and say "You deserve this small Toblerone". For his next birthday I'm planning on getting him a big one :D

  • pink pillow
    pink pillow

    Let me tell you.....plot doesn't matter the art style does exept when you make an intro like no game no life there will be expectations

  • Starry Kitten
    Starry Kitten

    Lavender: it’s r rated Me: and I wanted to watch it Oof

  • Galactic Lava Lamp
    Galactic Lava Lamp

    Wine Country. Everyone hates it! But I have watched it twice and loved it each time.

  • Lunar Glare
    Lunar Glare

    Looking back she high key made that Koz Kahn person kind of attractive. Just sayin’ 💅🏽👁👄👁💅🏽

  • Illpassthnx

    There a lot of good movies that critics hated.

  • Squid Lord of chickens
    Squid Lord of chickens

    There’s this show called Dead Like Me and I LOVE it sooo much! But oddly no one is talking about it. It’s basically about this 18 year old girl who becomes a reaper

  • dancin_aura ,
    dancin_aura ,

    I LOVED Mr. Right it was really crazy and i enjoyed every minute of it but i might be bias cause I love Anna Kendrick and all her movies just me

  • Erin Bathie-Moore
    Erin Bathie-Moore

    The premise of 'Mr. Right' kinda remind me of 'Mr and Mrs Smith'

  • Night Orcid
    Night Orcid


  • Glitchette

    shrek 3

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B

    There's no freaking way that But I'm A Cheerleader didn't get it's bad reviews from the homophobes because it's a fantastic movie for the gays

  • Mariah Schultz
    Mariah Schultz

    Never watched Neo Yokio but digging a grave for yourself to feel sad in is ICONIC

  • Creature Art
    Creature Art

    But I'm a Cheerleader is now on youtube for free!

  • Matthew Cosgrove
    Matthew Cosgrove

    BUT IM A CHEERLEADER IS SUCH A GOOD MOVIE I- but i kinda didn’t like how they romanticized conversion camps 😞

  • MoPeaDaz

    Her explanation of the two characters from But I’m a Cheerleader gives me such pansmione vibes

  • Stephanie

    Me: *sees Mr.Right in the thumbnail* Literally no one: Me:@___@ omgoshdsdrjrjfbd_#&#&k *clicks immediately*

  • Stephanie

    I thought it was just me who liked Mr.right and when i saw that u liked it i was so happy. I thought i had bad taste, but i guess its not as bad as i thought:)

  • lil_bun_bun69 •
    lil_bun_bun69 •

    I loved But I'm A Cheerleader

  • Miranda Zhang
    Miranda Zhang

    7:25 those critics are the same people who don’t get bisexuality

  • Galaxxy

    Rewatching this video because I just watched But I'm a Cheerleader

  • cringy squid
    cringy squid

    I might take a look at theese ☺️

  • DeathnoteBB

    I saw Mr. Right on Netflix and it was absolutely one of those hidden gems. Also I love Anna Kendrick

  • Chofy,Chofy Reyna
    Chofy,Chofy Reyna

    Aguewo el mariscos

  • Silent Fox 1
    Silent Fox 1

    i liked the newish Venom movie that rotten toms hated

  • Grizzly Melon
    Grizzly Melon

    Neo yokio was at the same time one of the absolute worst and absolute best shows i've seen. I'd legit pay for a S2.

  • Nadia Syeda
    Nadia Syeda

    I love your videos

  • ileafytea

    I watched “but I’m a cheerleader” with my ex gf for a date and even doe we aren’t together anymore and me watching it brings bad memories; I can say the movie is absolutely out standing.

  • Natalie rondon
    Natalie rondon

    But I’m a cheerleader is a GOOD MOVIE

  • Spam_Sam -
    Spam_Sam -

    In the corner you can see her getting all the subs

  • Elise Slivka
    Elise Slivka

    Mr right was cool! I love that movie

  • Xnoyt

    mr. Right is my #1 favorite movie

  • clumsy ghost
    clumsy ghost

    I watched but I’m a cheerleader when I was like nine at sleepover? I don’t think I understood the r rated stuff because I really can’t remember any.

  • Imma Lizard
    Imma Lizard

    Nacho. Libre.

  • the random show
    the random show

    Me : See's title Me: megamind megamind MEGAMIND

  • Lilac Daydreamz
    Lilac Daydreamz


  • a person
    a person

    creating a grave to lie in for melancholic vibes is my aspiration

  • I Want To Be A Hive Mind So Bad
    I Want To Be A Hive Mind So Bad

    This is why I Stan LavenderTowne. Nothing but good taste and beautiful art. The world would be a much cooler place if there were more people like her in it.

  • Green Light
    Green Light

    I started watching neo yokio and it’s actually a pretty good anime thanks for the recommendation 🖤

  • Cayla Floyd
    Cayla Floyd

    One of my unpopular favorites is an older movie called “Rock-a-doodle” lol it’s a kids movie with anthropomorphic farm animals, and it’s about chicken Elvis basically. Critics gave it a whopping 20% (oof) but the character development and story building are pretty good

  • cartoon styles
    cartoon styles

    i watched mr. right with my mom and both of us loved it. it was so funny how blatantly honest he is.

  • -pepsi chuuu-
    -pepsi chuuu-

    but I'm a cheer leader is really similar to k-12 Melanie martinez

    • Amarah McGuire
      Amarah McGuire

      Yeah! I wasn't sure if I was the only one who's brain connected the two

  • daniella

    After I saw this video, I looked up Neo Yokio on Netflix and watched a couple of episodes. I personally wasn’t a fan. Then I saw Mr. Right was on Netflix and gave it a watch. I love it so much! I love the mix of the genres and I love that Francis is so loving and affectionate towards Martha and just casually tells her that he’s gonna go kill some people and was even gonna give up killing for her. Then at the the end of the movie Martha is this sociopath who literally laughs when she’s held hostage and then kills Jonny Moon and the other guy like it’s nothing. And I literally just watched But I’m a Cheerleader and I had a really good laugh.

  • Emiko 123
    Emiko 123

    What about when a show/movie is great and critics love it but it isn't popular enough. for example, the comedy drama musical "Crazy Ex Girlfriend" has great reviews, but it was the lowest viewership shows to be revived for another season.

  • Simon Postyn
    Simon Postyn

    I LOVED but I’m a cheerleader

  • Naromie Boucicaut
    Naromie Boucicaut

    So I slept in the morning time then I woke up literally thought that it was morning time but then it started get started to get darker and then I realized it was nighttime.

  • Paranoid Artist
    Paranoid Artist

    "Murder is wrong" Proceeds to murder someone

  • Maddy C
    Maddy C

    Oh my god, i was so excited when i saw you mention But I'm a cheerleader!!!

  • DianaCrystal

    Just a story that I'm sharing, but I have this all time favourite animated movie called Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarves, or Snow White With The Red Shoes. I loved the story line and it was so interesting, but crictics hated it becuase it was 'body shaming' women. And I put that in air quotes because in the end, the biggest part of the whole picture is that even if you don't fit society's standards of a 'beautiful women', you still might be the fairest of them all. Awesome movie, I loved it so much, it's the best movie I've ever seen. Basic summary for those of you who are interested: There is a girl, Snow White. She doesn't fit in with society's standards of beauty, but she doesnt' really care. She has an evil stepmother that is pretty old and ugly. Her father went missing a while back and she wants to look for him. Her evil stepmom is growing this tree that bears these red shoes as basic fruits, and they make the wearer the fairest of them all. Snow White accidentaly stole them when she was looking for her father's diary to look for him. According to her diary, she needs to find the Fierce Seven, who are powerful heros that protect the fairytale realm, but they've been missing for a bit as well. Little does anyone know, they were cursed to be ugly little green dwarves whenever someone sees them. And they also lose all of their magical power and properties that they might have. Basically, the opposite of Snow White's 'curse'. And that's the basic summary of the story, without spoiling anything of course. Sorry for wasting your time, this is just such an underrated movie that I had to share with someone or else I was gonna explode!!

  • Sophia Johnston
    Sophia Johnston

    Mr. Right is my favorite Rom-com and I wondered why I hadn’t seen it sooner before the first time

  • Tristan Rose
    Tristan Rose

    Oh my god yesssssssss. I love Mr. Right. I thought nobody else knew about it!


    The most underrated person in the vid is this artist! She is amazing!!!

  • { R A ! N C L Ø U D }
    { R A ! N C L Ø U D }

    One of my favorite movies that got TERRIBLE reviews: Brother Bear. God DAMN that movie made me cry D,X

  • Jasie Becknell
    Jasie Becknell

    I love Mr. Right and I don’t understand the complaints about it. Like, it’s really cute and funny while also being a fun action movie that isn’t too actiony.

  • Softest Woodwind
    Softest Woodwind

    i just finished watching but i’m a cheerleader and im 🥺🥺🥺 so soft it was amazing

  • gilbert queen
    gilbert queen

    My favorite underrated anime ( and anime in general) is Ace Attorney, it was originally a game, but the anime is just as good. It has really funny jokes in the names, which relate to their personality and a lot of other things. It’s really underrated and I really love it. The plot is really interesting towards the end. The character development is amazing, the characters amazing. (My favorite characters are Godot, Miles Edgeworth, Apollo justice and Simon Blackquill

  • Theart Melon1
    Theart Melon1

    Neo yokio is great

  • Mass Genocide
    Mass Genocide

    I bet the critics don’t have humor or taste

  • Tieoni Smalls
    Tieoni Smalls

    i like nino yokio

  • Ana Welham
    Ana Welham

    what art program do you use?

  • Lucy Bowers
    Lucy Bowers

    Conspiracy theory: there's only one critic and he hates everything except his mother.

  • Chronically Hilarious
    Chronically Hilarious

    Wait people hated these shows/movies? But im a cheerleader is one of my favorite movies-

  • Polion

    "mOM PLEASE DONT IM STRAIGHT I SWEAR!" *in camp* "Oh no"

  • Leni Bruh
    Leni Bruh

    LavenderTowne talking about but i'm a cheerleader: it's not for kids by any means it's r-rated for a reason Me: Girl i'm 10 years old and I have watched "La casa de papel", "Rick and Morty" and much more

  • Tabby_cat gacha uwu
    Tabby_cat gacha uwu

    2:55 People hate this film!? It's the best film ever!

  • Richard Draws Stuff
    Richard Draws Stuff

    Mr. Right drawing looks like Niel Patrick Harris 🤣✔

  • Kyle King
    Kyle King

    This video made it so I decided to watch but I'm a cheerleader. (The other two didn't seem like ones I'd be super into, but cool for audiences who are more into those types of movies!) but I'm a cheerleader is super good!! I love how it was a comedy to keep interest while still giving a good and heartfelt message. Also, a lot more than I would expect from a movie made in the 90s. Both progressive and well made for its time.

  • IisBubbles

    If you like But I'm a cheerleader, DEBS is also a good one to watch. It's about an all girl spy group and one of them falls for the hot lady arch nemisis they are fighting, it's great

  • Penny the Farm Cat
    Penny the Farm Cat

    I honestly loved the female Ghostbusters, they had their own fun spin on it, and yes it was about busting ghosts, but the focus was more on the characters and their lives. Also seeing the guy who played Thor play a himbo was hilarious. The character he played meant well, but he was a dumbass.

  • Valkyrie Rain
    Valkyrie Rain

    Any y'all remember THe Vampire's Assistant?

  • GeeTarArts

    I had no idea Richard Ayoade was in Neo Yokio? I'll watch it just for him idjgjeh

  • Mariam Said :3
    Mariam Said :3

    Holy crap I e been trying to find neo yokio for so long cuz I remember Netflix having it and I debated on watching it and when I wanted to they took it off. I SHALL NOW FIND IFHER SITES :D

  • E D
    E D

    im a simple lesbian. i see “but im a cheerleader,” i click

  • Angelina Preez
    Angelina Preez

    ooo i loved neo yokio!!

  • Iciebear’s Castle
    Iciebear’s Castle

    LavenderTowne: *talks about amazing sounding movie that I’d totally be interested in* Also LavenderTowne: “It’s rated R for a reason” Me: 😳

  • Minimo

    Who opens the voice to the last level when watching levendertown

  • kuku88

    Ah, underrated shows, eh? Do you mean almost all donghua that deserves more love? :c

  • HarunaIchihara

    I freaking love Mr. Right!! The two are really a cute couple 😊

  • Tasty mans
    Tasty mans

    When they fucked in the shed that was probably the best moment in movie history 😉

  • Tasty mans
    Tasty mans